Jesse uses Cb to push back pushy ISP install

This evening Comcast required me to install a bunch of malware (yes, I called it “malware.” I don't care what you call your "connection assistant," if I don't have a choice about installing it is, in my opinion, malicious.) before allowing me online. Specifically, they installed several programs, changed my browser's homepage to their company page, and added a bunch of URL shortcuts. Thankfully I was able to install their software on a Virtual machine and not my main computer. I quickly uninstalled the main program and changed my homepage back. But what else did this installer do? Since this VM was being monitored by Carbon Black, I put in the host number, selected all processes run today, and asked to see the file modifications:

A moment later I could see everything Comcast tried to do. Turns out they also installed a bunch of favorites:

They also created a folder in my Program Files for "", put stuff in \ProgramData\SupportSoft, and more:

Thanks to what I learned from Cb I was able to verify there wasn't anything truly malicious and remove everything.

Side note: You can opt-out of Comcast's mandatory binding arbitration by going to