Kelihos Botnet Takedown

We felt privileged when we were asked to participate in this endeavor:

On Sept. 22nd, Microsoft filed for an ex parte temporary restraining order from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia against Dominique Alexander Piatti, dotFREE Group SRO and John Does 1-22. The court granted our request, allowing us to sever the known connections between the Kelihos botnet and the individual “zombie computers” under its control. Immediately following the takedown on Sept. 26th, we served Dominique Alexander Piatti, who was living and operating his business in the Czech Republic, and dotFREE Group SRO, with notice of the lawsuit and began discussions with Mr. Piatti to determine which of his subdomains were being used for legitimate business, so we could get those customers back online as soon as possible. We are also beginning our efforts to notify the other John Doe defendants in this case, and will be actively continuing our investigation to find out more about the people behind this botnet.

...and we're proud that we had a role in making this happen.

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