Kyrus at the FFIEC

Yesterday Jason Garman and I had the distinct pleasure of addressing the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Examiner Education Conference. Over 200 people from around the country attended, including regulators and investigators in charge of protecting our national financial assets. We were at the Conference at the invitation of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. For the first half of our presentation we addressed one of the most publicly discussed and dissected stock fraud and computer crime cases (U.S. v Duronio).  Keith, the expert witness in the case on behalf of the United States, discussed the trial from his point of view and demonstrated how the same crime that occurred in 2002 can still be effective today.

Both Jason and I were invited into a panel with several prominent regulators from the federal system for the second half of the presentation.  Jason discussed how external attacks, which were not addressed in the Duronio presentation, are just as dangerous in their own right and provided several suggestions for the detection, dissection, and remediation of those types of attacks. We fielded a number of very insightful questions from the audience, which is a reflection on the level of concern and importance regulators are placing on these issues.

We are extremely grateful for this rare opportunity, and look forward to working further with the conference participants to help keep our nation secure.