Clarity on CryptoLocker

CryptoLocker has climbed up the news cycle attention ladder thanks to the recent announcement that you could decrypt your encrypted files for free. Just to make sure folks are clear on what is going on and what is possible:

  1. The free service provided by Fox-IT and FireEye uses the code we produced and placed on GitHub. Thanks to Fox-IT for giving credit where it is due;
  2. To decrypt your files you need a key. If you paid your ransom and got your key before the Feds took CryptoLocker down you don’t need anything more. Read the README file and you should be good to go;
  3. If you don’t have a key (or are not that technically savvy) and FireEye/Fox-IT have it, you can use their service to decrypt your files at no charge

Unfortunately we are not in a position to decrypt your files for you. You get the same effect by using this new service since it’s our code running under the hood.

Props to all involved for helping a whole lot of innocent victims.