About Us

Kyrus was started in 2009 by a team of computer, security and intelligence experts who, having worked for a variety of agencies and companies, knew exactly how they didn’t want to do business: the staid, mechanical quest for revenue – any revenue – at the expense of people and purpose. Our founding principle: do work that matters and have the greatest impact on the customer’s mission.

Every start-up story finds its founders working out of a garage, literal or otherwise. For us an old dentist’s office had to suffice. Those early days were both exciting and dark at the same time. Sticking to your principles is easier said than done when you have to make payroll and customers are slow with receivables. But we knew that buckling meant our efforts were wasted. We could have stayed at our old, safe (certainly higher-paying) jobs if we were just going to be doing business as usual.

In our second year of business we got a call from an old friend who now occupied the C-suite of a rapidly growing company. She called on us to help deal with a security breach. We sent three people to the job: two who had done IR before, and one whose career was spent mostly breaking into systems, not cleaning up the mess afterwards. This offense-and-defense working together led to an epiphany – monitoring execution beats assembling logs – which led to a proof-of-concept, which led to a new product: Carbon Black.

The next several years were a blur. We went from five guys in Virginia to 30 people all across the country. We incubated, seeded and spun Carbon Black out into its own company, we helped disrupt a couple of botnets, we helped fund and lead another start-up, and several new great ideas were conceived.

In 2014 the moment every business-parent looks forward to had come: Carbon Black merged with Bit9 to become Bit9+Carbon Black. Shortly thereafter we began developing the capability that would become Red Canary. Disruptive Solutions was formed to offer computer and mobile forensics and technical security solutions. The greater Kyrus family now numbered 40 of the most creative and motivated practitioners in the world.

At Kyrus we work closely with all of our sister companies and partners to seamlessly offer customers the most comprehensive and complementary set of offerings possible. We would be nothing without our people and we take pride in having created a culture that supports personal initiative, risk-taking, and values work with meaning over meaningless growth.

Our commitment to mission impact drives everything we do. What we’re doing is secondary to how impactful our work is to our customers. This passion is what enables us to outperform the competition and deliver on promises no one else can make. It is why Kyrus is the company of choice for public and private organizations that are trying to address the most difficult of problems.

Mission First, People Always

Kyrus is privately held by its owner-employees