Carbon Black

Our first and most successful innovation to date has been Carbon Blackwhich thousands of organizations around the world are using to arm their endpoints against advanced threats. Cb was conceived, incubated and seeded by Kyrus.

IDVector (coming soon)

ID Vector provides users with a very simple way to safely and securely access the Internet and related services without fear of data interception or leakage. With IDV every connection you make online, regardless of the security posture of the access point, is secure and as anonymous as you need it to be.

Red Canary

The frequency, cost and complexity of cyber attacks is growing. Alerting mechanisms inundate security teams with false positives. Red Canary was created to simplify the complexity of endpoint threat detection and response. The RC platform combines best-of-breed technologies and techniques into a service that delivers zero false positives. Red Canary is on a mission to bring cost-effective world-class endpoint threat detection and response to every business.

Swarm (coming soon)

Swarm is a collaborative reverse engineering tool. It allows multiple engineers to work on a single binary at the same time without the issues and drawbacks that other reverse engineering tools have when more than one person is trying to work on a binary.