When there is no off-the-shelf solution to your problem, when the solutions that are available are less-than-optimal, that is when you need the experts at Kyrus. Customers initially come to us because they have tried doing things "the way they are done" and found those ways wanting. Customers come back to us because we deliver novel solutions and practical results that have had a real impact on their business.

We have helped organizations in government, the financial sector, hospitality, IT manufacturing, security, healthcare, pharmaceutical, legal and other industries. Security product manufacturers call on us to build their advanced capabilities; there is a good chance that you have already been exposed to something that has "Kyrus inside" even if it is not labeled as such. We care more about the impact we have than how famous we are.

Reverse Engineering

Our expertise in reverse engineering is put to use for a variety of defensive purposes. Code obfuscation, binary diversity and anti-reverse engineering are all areas in which we have had a significant impact on our customers' missions.

Secure Software Development

Anyone can write code; very few people can write code that is designed to withstand malicious action. 


We believe a strong open source community is a net positive to computer security. Our GitHub repository showcases a number of projects and tools we've developed or contributed to, including an IDA Unicode translator, crypto-unlocker, and others.