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Everyone at Kyrus is a deep technical expert with a passion for solving hard problems. That combination of talent and drive is what allows us to deliver truly awe-inspiring results for our customers.


Sometimes a problem does not have a solution that can be pulled off the shelf. Sometimes the available solutions are less than optimal. Our creativity and ingenuity have left their marks on missions worldwide.


We believe that meaningful success can only be achieved by disrupting the status quo. We consistently exceed customer expectations and out-perform those who would be our peers.


We assemble the most intelligent and passionate talent and challenge them with the hardest problems. No one at Kyrus has a job; they are living out their passion.

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Clarity on CryptoLocker

August 16th by Mike Tanji

CryptoLocker has climbed up the news cycle attention ladder thanks to the recent announcement that you could decrypt your encrypted files for free. Just to make sure folks are clear on what is going on and what is possible: The free service provided by Fox-IT and FireEye uses the code we produced and placed on GitHub. […]

Cryptolocker Revisited

April 9th by Mike Tanji

We appreciate the massive positive response we’ve received related to our Cryptolocker posts and work, but with our commercial focus shifting entirely to our Red Canary work, we have to get out of the Cryptolocker-assistance business. Our decryption program will remain on our GitHub repository so if you would like to avoid the insult of […]

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