At Kyrus everything we do is designed to have maximum impact on our customer’s missions.

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Everyone at Kyrus is a deep technical expert who is driven to solve hard problems. That combination of talent and motivation allows us to deliver awe-inspiring results.


Sometimes a problem does not have an off-the-shelf solution. Sometimes the available solutions are less than optimal. Our creativity and ingenuity have left their marks on missions worldwide.


We are not as interested in the biggest job or the coolest job as much as we are the job that will have the most impact. Anything less and its hard to say you're helping anyone but yourself.


We assemble the most intelligent and passionate talent and challenge them with the hardest problems. No one at Kyrus has a job; they are living out their passion.

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Cyber Security Politics: Imperial Nudity (part II)

May 20th by Mike Tanji

(part I is here) Legacy futures distract us from thinking clearly about the reality of cyberspace, and hobbles efforts to advance original thinking that could actually lead to superior outcomes. Not all old-think is irrelevant to the problems we currently face, but these are academic discussions until the cyberspace takes the form and follows the […]

Cyber Security Politics: Imperial Nudity (Part I)

May 13th by Mike Tanji

It is all well and good to talk about how efforts are being made to bring “norms” to conflict in cyberspace, but proponents continue to forget that cyberspace doesn’t care about the Peace of Westphalia. Political-Military leadership that cut its teeth during the Cold War default to what they know best and suppose we can […]

I can count on Kyrus to always provide insights into the problems at hand and recommend sound approaches that work in the real world.

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