About Kyrus Tech

The story of Kyrus began with five former ManTech staffers who ventured out to plot a different course. They wanted to create a company that cared for employees and provided them with the research dollars needed to succeed.

Kyrus has a commitment to reinvesting government contracting proceeds in technology ideas, all while using humility as a guiding force. Today, Kyrus continues to grow rapidly while maintaining the original focus on employees and innovative research.

Our Passion

The people of Kyrus Tech are committed to making an impact, for both our customers and our community. We reject the status quo and constantly look for new ways to push the boundaries when solving hard problems.

We have a well-earned reputation for ingenuity and delivering exceptional results. Our ability to have offensive and defensive experts work together in harmony helps ensure the development of robust and effective solutions that provide true value, not simply a bandage to deal with the security issue-of-the-month.

We focus on achieving specific goals, not blindly following checklists or adhering to traditional techniques.


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Kyrus Charities

Kyrus Tech not only makes a difference for our customers; we are dedicated to making an impact in our local community as well. We created Kyrus Charities to support and accelerate emerging nonprofit organizations. Kyrus Charities connects the skills and resources of great tech companies like ours to nonprofit startups, making the nonprofits more efficient and effective in their operations while creating a culture of doing good within the tech world.